„Egypt Leaves the Internet“

28 Jan

Renesys hat heute Nacht gemessen, wie von der ägyptischen Staatsgewalt Internet-Geschichte geschrieben wurde und den folgenden Artikel veröffentlicht:

Confirming what a few have reported this evening: in an action unprecedented in Internet history, the Egyptian government appears to have ordered service providers to shut down all international connections to the Internet. Critical European-Asian fiber-optic routes through Egypt appear to be unaffected for now. But every Egyptian provider, every business, bank, Internet cafe, website, school, embassy, and government office that relied on the big four Egyptian ISPs for their Internet connectivity is now cut off from the rest of the world. Link Egypt, Vodafone/Raya, Telecom Egypt, Etisalat Misr, and all their customers and partners are, for the moment, off the air. Weiterlesen bei Renesys »

via HuffPost-Ticker

Eine weitere eindrucksvolle Grafik, wie ein abgeschaltetes Internet aussieht, gibt es hier, und einen sehr guten Artikel von Marcel Winatschek bei Amy & Pink: Ägypten tötet das Internet.

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3 Antworten zu “„Egypt Leaves the Internet“

  1. nied

    5. Februar 2011 at 03:34

    In Egypt there are riots, civil war in the capitals and the Western countries find a common position. Some, like UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon calling for free elections immediately, while Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Mubarak strengthens the back. Maybe that’s a good thing, because ultimately must decide the Egyptian people, how to proceed there. In my eyes this Mohamed ElBaradei only one who now wants to jump on the moving train to dust at times quickly president. He is in my eyes is not democratic legitimacy.

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